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   May 31

Colorado Passes New Regs for Edibles and Concentrates

High Times, Mark Miller, May 28th, 2014 Last week, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper signed a pair of bills intended to establish tighter regulations for cannabis edibles and concentrates throughout the state. The edible legislation creates a task force to design packaging and labeling to ensure pot-edible products are clearly distinguishable from regular food products, especially critical for cannabis-laced items […]

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   May 29

Will Congress Act on a Big Opportunity to Protect Medical Marijuana Users?

Huffington Post, Michael Collins, May 28th, 2014  In an era of deep partisanship and dysfunction, the House will take a vote — likely tomorrow- which could buck both those trends. An amendment aimed at preventing the federal government from prosecuting providers and users of medical marijuana, in states that have some form of medicinal marijuana, is set […]

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   May 28

Wednesday’s With Larijuana: Marijuana and Your Sex Life


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   May 27

What it Takes to Navigate the Marijuana Industry, Will Yakowicz, May 23rd, 2014  The recreational marijuana business is in full bloom in Colorado. In just the first three months since marijuana was legalized, the state has raised $25 million from businesses for taxes, licenses, and fees, according to the Colorado Department of Revenue. Looking forward, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper predicts combined sales from recreational and medical cannabis […]

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   May 26

U.S. Says Legal Marijuana Growers Can’t Use Federal Irrigation Water

NBC News, Hasani Gittens, May 20th, 2014  Marijuana growers operating legally in Colorado and Washington state took another hit from the federal government on Tuesday when the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation announced that pot growers are (still) not allowed to use federal irrigation waters. Since 1902, the bureau has been charged with maintaining dams, power […]

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   May 25

Cannabusiness Incubator Helps Pot Startups

High Times, Mike Adams, May 19th, 2014  Outside the brass tacks of the legalized marijuana trade there exists a vital underground of new entrepreneurial spirit that will one day change the face of the cannabis industry. Unfortunately, for many small pot-related businesses, establishing a foothold in this newfound marketplace can be a painstaking affair, often […]

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   May 22

Colorado Will Spend $10 Million Researching Marijuana’s Medical Benefits

Huffington Post, Matt Ferner, May 21st, 2014 Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper (D) signed a bill Wednesday that will fund up to $10 million for research into the medical efficacy of marijuana. “SB 155 invests the dollars collected from medical marijuana fees into a meaningful effort to study the therapeutic and medical benefits of the drug,” […]

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   May 21

Wednesday’s With Larijuana-Weed is a Woman’s Best Friend


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   May 20

CSO Says Pot Concerts Will Continue as Private, Invite-Only Events

Fox 31 News, Stephanie Wolf, May 13th, 2014  After the City of Denver issued a letter to the Colorado Symphony urging it to halt its cannabis-sponsored concert series last week, CSO announced Tuesday that the concerts will go on, launching with the first bring-your-own-marijuana event on May 23. According to a statement from the symphony […]

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   May 19

Wondering Why You Can’t Get Medical Marijuana At A Chain Pharmacy?

Inquisitr, May 14th, 2014  Recently, medical marijuana has been legalized in some US states, making it extremely easy for Americans in places like Colorado to snag some for medical problems ranging from chronic pain to depression. However, despite all that progress, it’s still not possible to buy the drug in a local pharmacy like CVS or Walgreens. […]

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